Sharing Sales Hunting Experience on Black Friday

Sharing Sales Hunting Experience

For shopaholics, Black Friday is the most awaited day of the year because they will have the opportunity to buy their favorite items at a "bargain" price. On this day, to be able to become a professional shopper, please quickly refer to the article of about the sharing of sales experience on Black Friday on the 29th/ 11/2021 right now.

1. What is Black Friday?

Maybe many people know the meaning of Black Friday, but there are also many people who do not fully understand the meaning of this special shopping holiday. Black Friday, also known as "Black Friday", usually takes place on Friday, the 13th every year and has shocking discounts of up to 70-80% and inventory products, popular goods. variables are being sold in a hurry with millions of orders from all over the world.

Black Friday is fixed on the first Friday after Thanksgiving according to Western countries such as Britain, France, the United States... Currently, to meet the shopping needs of people, it no longer takes place only once. days that extend into post days, there are even retailers that extend it up to several weeks. With the advanced development of the internet, you can buy goods directly on exchanges, online shopping websites, not necessarily at supermarkets, shops...

2. Be sober in choosing whether to buy it yourself or ask a third party

On big shopping days, goods from countries like the US, France, Japan... are widely sold all over the world,. . Besides, you can also order directly on online shopping platforms like Amazon.

3. Find out what products to buy on Black Friday

Do not be too "cheap" that you can buy unnecessary things for your home. Due to this shopping holiday, all the sellers do their best to advertise their products and services, so you can get sucked into unnecessary things. Here are the types of products you should buy on Black Friday

Technology products: Products such as laptops, cameras, tablets, speakers, accessories... are all good and quality products. You can choose famous suppliers like Samsung, LG, Apple, Toshiba... to get the best products. Normally, technology items are very expensive and difficult to buy, so this is the best opportunity for you to own them.

Fashion, clothes: 

One of the best-selling products that many women around the world choose is clothes and fashion products. Famous brands such as Adidas, Gucci, Casio...all have strong discounts for women to choose freely with suitable prices and the best quality clothes.

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Household electrical appliances: 

For housewives, what could be more wonderful than being able to buy themselves essential appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves... - essential items for a home family with a super attractive price, right?

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Hunting for air tickets: 

Currently, on this day, there are also many airlines that choose to hunt for air tickets, provide good airfares for you to have the opportunity to travel freely and stimulate travel. everyone, especially in the context of airlines starting to operate again after long weeks of shutdown. What's better than choosing cheap airline tickets for a truly economical and meaningful trip?

There are countless other items that you can hunt for sale on this special day.

4. Prioritize buying "popular" brands on Black Friday

Although the affordable price can make you easily blinded by its attractive advertising, but always be a wise consumer to choose the best products for you and your family. For common items such as clothes, household appliances, you should prioritize famous and popular brands to get a clear warranty, the most practical advice from the staff as well as Buy quality products, avoid fake goods.

Instead of choosing stores that retail each product, you can choose combinations such as supermarkets, trade centers, shopping e-commerce platforms with many products to make choosing easier and less laborious. let's search. In Vietnam, you can also choose Vincom Center to buy products of the hottest brands for yourself as well as choose the best products.

5. Come early right from the first sales day

Even if you have firmly grasped the above shopping experience, Another secret to help you buy "right person at the right time" is choosing the right time to buy. The first days are always the days with the best products when there are not too many customers to choose from, you will buy the things you like and freely choose instead of having to compete on peak days or out of stock. at the end time. Choosing the time to hunt for sale on Black Friday is the best decision for you.

Above is a summary of sales hunting experiences on Black Friday - November 29, 2021 for your reference and get the best choice for you. Save your tips to buy the best products and get the right products for the shopping week.

6. Reasons to buy on Amazon

6.1. Amazon Prime membership is growing briskly

The total of Prime members has been growing at a nice clip. In January, Amazon announced there were more than 150 million Prime members worldwide. In 2018, the company said it had more than 100 million members globally.

This growth is important because Prime members have been found to spend more money than nonmembers on the company's site. One study has pegged the average member's annual spending at more than double that of the average nonmember.

About Prime: A standard membership in the U.S. costs $119 per year, or $12.99 per month. Last year, Amazon started upgrading Prime's standard free-delivery benefit from two days to one day. (Of course, delivery times have suffered recently due to the pandemic-driven surge in orders.) Members can also stream a wide range of free movies, TV shows, and music, among other benefits.

6.2. Amazon's cloud computing service is a profit machine

Amazon Web Services (AWS) brings in most of the company's profits. In Q4 of 2019, AWS accounted for just over 11% of total revenue, yet 67% of total operating profits.

AWS, the market leader in the public cloud space, continues to grow at a fast pace, with Q4 revenue jumping 34% year over year. Growth should continue to be strong, since the cloud services infrastructure market is projected to grow 32% in 2021, according to Canalys. 

6.3. Its e-commerce business will never be dethroned

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the U.S. and in the world. It's so far ahead in the U.S. market (and making good inroads abroad) and has such a mighty moat that it is highly unlikely that any competitor will dethrone it. 

The company's main competitive advantage is Prime's free and fast delivery of a huge range of products. This core benefit is only possible because of Amazon's extensive network of highly efficient and massive fulfillment centers. It would cost a king's ransom to duplicate this network. And even if a competitor were successful in replicating the physical structures, it would probably take many years for it to achieve Amazon's level of efficiency.

The company currently has 170 fulfillment centers in the U.S., with plans for 51 more, according to logistics consultant MWPVL International. It has 188 such facilities outside this country. These numbers don't include delivery stations and various others types of facilities. 

6.4. It has many more avenues for growth: smart home, healthcare, advertising, private-label goods  

There are many other reasons to buy Amazon stock. These include the company's burgeoning smart-home business, centered on its artificial-intelligence-powered assistant Alexa, and its budding healthcare business, which includes its online pharmacy PillPack.

Moreover, in its e-commerce business, advertising revenue is increasing, and the company is expanding the number of private-label items it sells

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