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Today, with the development of the internet and connection, users' behaviors have met a new inclination. was established by a team of experts specializing in various fields. We all hope that our website is a beneficial site to provide the informative and latest data for users to decline the amount of time when searching for kitchen equipment.

New York Best Reviews will offer you guys all the kitchen-related devices such as cookware, dining & entertaining, and kitchen appliances. We use data with the purpose of collecting, selecting, and recommending to visitors the most suitable products. In this way, it is entirely simpler and faster for online shopping time. Our professionals use Artificial Intelligent (AI) and Big Data from a huge number of high-quality websites, well-known newspapers as well as some social networks to offer objective buyers' guides or consumer reports which meet the visitors' demands.

Not only that, our selections are mostly based on real-life interviews, trustworthy reports, and tests by leading research specialists. This website will offer you a list of the best products to choose from. In addition, we all believe that may show you remarkable experiences during shopping time.

We take pride in our faithfulness to strict standards and our long-time experience. Moreover, to the technologies used effectively, our opinions are drawn from reviews and data from the best trustworthy sources.

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Information we collect

User's IP is immediately saved when they interact and use the IPTV service we serve for customers. We will collect it automatically by plugins or several social networks, or even some third-party platforms. IP address information, IDFA identifiers for different cookies are automatically collected.

How we use your information

Your IP will be mainly collected, as mentioned above, to offer you the latest information on kitchen utilities. Besides, we also use users' IP to elevate and operate the most suitable service. Additionally, we can also follow your search trends and user preferences with the desire of helping you see the product that fully meets your demand. We can also preserve the service from Internet risk.

Chatbot feature

Our chatbot feature will collect your IP data. Visitors can receive the latest services or data when you guys offer Facebook messenger. Moreover, we also supply relevant information by visitors' Facebook ID with customers' saved interests and behaviors.

Cookie, web beacons, and third party cookies

Cookies are also data that our website may use to collect customers' information noted above. It is also the privacy policy that we want all visitors to see. Cookies help to understand users' behavior or manage and maintain service. Besides these cookies, all the web beacons and third-party tracking technologies are also connected when you access our website.


When you have experience with's services, you agree that our website will contain links to other public social networks and websites. Even so, these links are subject to the privacy policy of the visitors.


Our services are not suitable for under 13-year old children. These visitors are not the target customer of our site. As soon as we discover information connected to children under the age of 13, we will fully delete this IP as it becomes available in this foundation. The advice we want to give all parents or guardians is to supervise the behaviors of kids under 13 years of age.

Our Advertising Partners

One of our privacy policies is that our team may fully use web beacons and cookies at In the privacy policy, this is considered significantly important.

Amazon Associates Program

New York Best Reviews is part of the collaborator program of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Through Amazon - affiliate advertising sites, as some illustration,,, - you will find that this is an affiliate program that offers necessities for websites.

Changes to this privacy policy

On our website, all privacy policies may have a tendency to change at any time without any announcement before. When you visit and use's services, you may accept this in our privacy policy.

However, with main changes in IP, a notification email can be sent to customers via email or announcement on our website. With the changes and improvement of our website, privacy policies have also developed. Therefore, it is essential for you to periodically reread our website's privacy policy. We are not responsible for notifications to visitors. Therefore, please contact for the latest privacy policy.

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