Desk fan and Box fan? Which should you choose?


Many people are still wondering whether to buy a box fan or a desk fan; Which fan is more suitable for your family's needs? Electric fans are indispensable household appliances in the family, especially on hot days. In particular, box fans and table fans are cooling devices that are being interested in many users. However, the choice of a box fan and desk fan also makes many people confused by the similarity in use and price.

Box fans and desk fans with similar uses and prices have caused many difficulties in choosing for consumers. So let's make a comparison about box fans and table fans with New York Best Reviews to make it easier for everyone to understand and choose more easily!

1. Comparison of the wind generation height of the best box fan and the best desk fan

The best box fan radiates air close to the ground to effectively cool the low area and the space near the fan, while the airflow from the best desk fan is always a certain distance from the floor.

The box fan is very suitable if you want to cool the floor surface in a narrow area the box fan is very suitable. The wind from a high-altitude desk fan will cool a larger space and further from the fan position.

You can refer to the popular model of the box fan 

2. Compare the level of air displacement and the ability to create wind

The best box fan only has a mode to rotate the shield to push the wind to the sides or up, down. A desk fan can change the direction of the fan's neck rotation with a 120-degree rotation angle to the left and right. Therefore, considering the cooling area, the box fan is not equal to the table fan, but the airflow from the box fan will be more even and continuous.

In addition, the best desk fan has a large rotation speed and high capacity so that the wind will circulate stronger and faster than the box fan. Therefore, the desk fans are more suitable for hot days in rooms that do not use air conditioning. If you use an air conditioner and want the cool air to spread more evenly and save more energy, you can add a box fan.

The wind is light, even, and does not rotate, so the box fan is suitable for use in the family bedroom.

You can refer to the popular model of the desk fan 

3. Convenience comparison

With compact and lightweight size, both box fans and desk fans are highly portable and work well on many flat surfaces such as floors, countertops, shelves, etc.

With a desk fan, you can also change the height of the fan, so you can customize it to be convenient for use in many positions such as the floor, study table, dining table ...

The desk fan is easy to disassemble and clean quickly and conveniently with fan cleaning. The box fan has a more complicated structure and is difficult to disassemble for cleaning. A vacuum cleaner can be used more effectively and quickly, but it is necessary to clean the back of the fan first so that dirt does not get caught in the fan motor causing damage.

4. Safety comparison

With a sealed frame and sturdy panels, the box fan ensures more safety for users when in contact, especially for families with young children. The buttons of the box fan are also designed on the upper part of the fan, so it limits the possibility of getting caught in the water, causing a short fire, and increasing safety.

5. Cleaning ability

Compared with desk fans, box fans are less dusty but inconvenient in disassembly, so it is difficult to repair or clean the fan. The desk fan is easy to collect dust, but it is also easy to disassemble for cleaning when needed.

The cleaning of the best desk fan should be done periodically, about once a month, to ensure that the fan is always clean and convenient; check the entire fan to ensure that the machine works well, stably and safely. Cleaning the box fan you can use a vacuum cleaner will be faster and easier.

6. Pros and cons of the best desk fan and the best box fan

The pros and cons of the best box fan


  • Smooth operation, even, and stable airflow.

  • Compact, save space, and easy to move to many locations when needed.

  • Good dust resistance compared to other fans.

  • Safe to use for the elderly and children with small capacity and closed cage and fan frame.


  • Difficult to disassemble for repair and cleaning.

  • There is no ability to rotate and disperse the wind, only suitable for cooling small and narrow spaces.

  • The capacity is usually small, so the wind force is limited, reducing the cooling capacity.

The pros and cons of the best desk fan


  • More substantial power should cool better than the box fan.

  • Able to rotate and disperse the wind over a large area.

  • Easy to move and can change the height.

  • Easy to disassemble for repair and cleaning.

  • Takes up less space than box fans.


  • Not safe for small children.

  • Easy to collect dust.


Each type has different advantages and disadvantages. So what is the smart choice? After reading this article, we hope you will have a clear idea of ​​what kind of fan you need for your home - box fan or desk fan?. You should understand the different factors that you need to consider as well as the types of electric fans available.

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