Why should you have a Kitchenaid Blender in your kitchen?

Why should you have a Kitchenaid Blender in your kitchen?

The blender can be one of the most convenient and favorite kitchen tools in the kitchen. It is used for preparing things like ice cream, smoothies, and soups. The Kitchenaid blender works on a simple principle: mixing something with something else will result in a thicker consistency. Today, the advent of modern blenders has helped many housewives have more customization options in their cooking methods. One of the products that are currently winning the hearts of consumers and are gradually replacing the position of traditional blenders is the Kitchenaid blender. So, what makes Kitchenaid blenders worthy of inheriting old-fashioned blenders? The following article will give you the answer.

If you take a quick look at how it works, the Kitchenaid blender is just like a regular blender with a smaller size. However, the outstanding advantages of the Kitchenaid blender below will give you more reasons to say goodbye to your traditional blender.

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1. The Kitchenaid blenders are more convenient

  • The Kitchenaid blender takes up less space

As mentioned above, the best Kitchenaid blender (amazon.com/dp/B00CGSESF2/) will take up a lot less space than a traditional blender. This is a valuable advantage for those who own a kitchen with a modest area. Along with that, if your old blender takes up an entire drawer, now with a hand blender, you can also add miniature items like a toaster or ice cream machine in the same compartment.

  • Because of its small size, it is more active to use it

With the advantage of size, you can easily put a hand blender into the jar and grind it directly without having to put it in the mortar like a traditional blender, which is both convenient and less time-consuming to clean up, right? In addition, you can also use the blender directly with any pot you want.

  • Extremely easy to clean

You can rest assured in the process of cleaning the machine after use. No matter how "lazy" you are, you will surely be surprised at the simplicity of cleaning the grinding head. There will be no need to wash the entire plastic jar after every grind!

You should not be safe to be the body served directly by water but must use a towel and choose a soft table or sponge to clean. Note, avoid washing with a metal plate or detergent, this may cause the machine to corrode.

Fill the pot with water and clean the machine immediately afterward. Absolutely, do not immerse the whole body in water, as this will damage your blender.

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2. All ingredients will be milled

A Kitchenaid blender is a kitchen appliance that grinds and chops all the ingredients together. It can also do other jobs, such as filtering or blending, like the best Blendtec blender (https://nybestreviews.com/best-blendtec-blender/). The idea of mixing and grinding everything is already in the past, but the presence of a Kitchenaid blender in our kitchens makes it even more accessible.

Unlike a traditional blender, you will now be the one to decide where the blade of the machine will move—annoyed that your blender can not grind thoroughly in one go? A kitchenaid blender will solve all those problems.

3. Suitable for children

The Kitchenaid blender is especially suitable for families with children. With a small amount of food, you can use the Kitchenaid blender to puree porridge with vegetables, tubers, fruits, and meat without losing the amount of food, easily adjusting the fineness of the food by manipulating the machine.

The best Kitchenaid blenders (amazon.com/dp/B07D7PM5R4/) will be a great solution for you when taking your baby away. Therefore, when your baby starts eating solids, you should immediately own a hand blender to save time and effort.

  • Benefits of using a Kitchenaid blender to prepare baby food

The first and very obvious advantage is the compact design, easy to operate, and clean after use. Mothers will not spend too much time struggling in the process of using as well as spending hours cleaning like when using other devices.

The smart design of the tree-shaped machine with a compact handle makes it possible for moms, and even if there is only a small amount. This helps to limit the possibility of infection, and the mother does not need to clean up much.

During the weaning period, the baby's food will require a high degree of fineness to avoid causing unfortunate incidents such as choking vomiting. Compared to traditional mincing or using a Kitchenaid blender will help food achieve maximum fineness.

4. Prepare and store food with mobility

You are craving soup but are worried about making it too much and not eating it all. So, why not put your ingredients straight into the food container and cook your favorite dishes directly in the box. Not only is it quick, but you can also easily close the lid and store it in the fridge without worrying about emptying them the next morning.

5. Easy to follow special diets

To support you in bodybuilding, muscle gain, weight loss, injury recovery... effectively, there are recipes for energy drinks and special nutritional supplements that you can not find outside; you can only do it yourself. If you have a kitchenaid blender at home, it will be easier for you to make these drinks.

Moreover, after intense training sessions, you often feel hungry and thirsty after sports sessions, but your body will not want to spend more energy digesting solid foods. Therefore, the optimal solution is a nutritious smoothie, you can add a few tablespoons of protein powder, they will help your body recover energy faster.

6. Homemade, healthy, and delicious

If before buying a kitchenaid blender, when you want to drink smoothies, fruit juices, you will need to go to drinking houses, restaurants, supermarkets to buy and bring with you worries about preservatives, additives, problems. food safety issues.

But when you have yourself a blender, you can rest assured to make your own favorite drinks and dishes, add or remove sugar, milk, water, salt, etc., to depend on your preferences. In particular, you don't have to be afraid of smoothies, your fruit juice has preservatives and additives because it is processed with natural ingredients, full of vitamins nutrients, and, of course, is palatable and delicious.

In addition, you can process green smoothies, an extremely nutritious smoothie with ingredients including a variety of healthy green fruits and vegetables.

7. Tips to using a kichenaid blender effectively

The first note is not to operate the machine when there is no food in the main or auxiliary bowl, do not remove the cover until the knife stops rotating completely.

Every blender has a different capacity and rating, so you must use less than or equal to that amount.

Food for grinding must be carefully filtered, especially foods with a lot of fiber, fish bones, and ground in a moderate amount and must be drained to avoid splashing before grinding.

  • During rotation, you should note the following.

During the grinding process, you need to add water or fresh milk to the glass to increase the efficiency of grinding or mixing and prolong the life. Never use your hands or objects to remove food from the machine during the blending process.

Do not grind for more than 30 seconds and let the machine rest for a few minutes, then use it again to avoid overheating, overloading, and shortening its life.

The blender crushes food with a circular, wavy motion. If you do not close the lid carefully when the machine is in operation, the food will spill out, creating a mess. Gently press the lid down by hand while the blender is running, even if you feel the lid is firm, to increase stability during the blending process.


It is very important to find out information before making a purchase decision; hopefully, in this article, you have found the answer to the question of which hand blender to buy. In addition to choosing a good product to serve the needs of the family, in order for the machine to work well during use, you also remember to pay attention to cleaning the kitchenaid blender regularly.

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